Car Maintainence You Don't Want To Skip | Home

Too busy to change the oil? You might want to think twice next time you let those 5,000 KMs pass you by.

That's because replacing an engine, which relies on oil for lubrication, costs about tens of thousands of rupees to repair or replace, depending on the vehicle. Those are some of the headaches that contribute to shortened vehicle life, compromised safety, decreased gas mileage and an array of pricey repairs.
Even worse, an unchecked failing part that needs replacement could be the cause of an accident. Worn breaks may not allow you to stop suddenly, causing your car to collide into another vehicle or pedestrian.

Though maintenance checks require little time, issues like these are common. The Car Council, an organization promoting the benefits of regular maintenance, inspected vehicles of motorists who attended car care events last April, during National Car Care month. It found that eight out of 10 vehicles had at least one component that failed the vehicle inspection process. Topping the list: Oil, fuel filter, spark plug and coolant fluid changes. All are necessary to keep an engine running. You also want to avoid neglecting tires, and make sure to inspect your battery and your timing belt so you are not suddenly and unexpectedly unable to drive.
A car can live a long life with a little care and love, but it will surely die a costly death without it.