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Formula 1 drivers pleased with track for inaugural Indian GP

Posted: 2011-10-27 15:01:59

Formula One drivers anticipate plenty of overtaking in the inaugural Indian Grand Prix after having their first view of the Buddh International Circuit on Thursday.

While some drivers had concerns about the amount of dust and dirt on the surface before Friday’s first practice session, they were pleased with the overtaking opportunities and undulating design.

The track was designed by Hermann Tilke, who is responsible for most of the recent tracks added to the F1 calendar. It features wide entrances to corners, which will allow drivers to choose alternative racing lines, aiding overtaking.

“It is a new sort of philosophy with this overtaking, with getting the circuits very wide at the entry,” Mercedes driver Michael Schumacher said. “It offers a good tactical perspective for overtaking, for having a good show and hopefully make the Indian fans enjoy Formula One after this weekend.”

Ferrari’s Fernando Alonso said the Buddh circuit was similar to some of Tilke’s other tracks, with a long straight followed by a twisty middle section, but welcomed the use of a more flowing final sector.

“This one looks very interesting, especially the last sector,” Alonso said. “The last sector looks very different, it looks very quick. Reality is very different to the simulator, so we will see tomorrow.”

F1 officials have confirmed there will be two DRS zones on the circuit rather than the standard one. The DRS — or Drag Reduction System — zones allow drivers to open the rear wings on their cars to catch up to the cars they are pursuing.